How to Get Admission in IIM

Last updated on 24-October-2014

Getting admission in IIM is surely a dream for all students. IIMs are the highest level of management study centres that are few in number and so the competition is high. Only those who have got excellent merit are selected for IIM studies.

Primary steps: Getting admission to IIM has definite steps. The steps are followed strictly. Talking of the primary step it has got an entry level exam. The exam is known as Common Admission Test or CAT. This score is highly important for getting admission. The exam can be given after 10+2 exams and is conducted on a definite date on whole India basis. The CAT score makes the first step to get the selection procedure started. It is actually with the help of the CAT score card that a student can get the admission forms downloaded form the official website of different IIM.

Other steps involved: Only CAT can not help one to get to IIM. There are many other steps. After CAT, as the students can download the forms, they can do it and fill it online. Along with form, an online money transfer for the form is to be submitted. The form after being selected for the next step, IIM can call students for an admission test conducted by the particular IIM. The admission test marks are important to go the next level of admission. Only after short-listing candidates from there, the IIM will hold special Group Discussion session. The GD session will make the institute understand the selection of right candidates as these sessions will prove the merit as well as management capabilities of the students and their qualities to be patient and leading from the front. The GD session being over, the marks are calculated on a total basis. Then there is Personal Interview. It is the last part of the admission procedure. The interview is actually the place where institute authorities try to know about the candidates. The students selected for interview must be calm and cool while answering the questions. The questions are primarily based on their curricular activities and the career prospects. When a student can answer the questions in a satisfactory way, things are done. Selected candidates are called on or sent e-mail buy which they come to know about joining the IIM.

So, these are the steps that are followed by different IIMs to select their own set of candidates.

You will Love to Know Individual IIM Admission Procedure  in India

Admission ProcedureClick to know How to Get Admission in IIM Across India and Their Admission Procedure Know More About IIM Institutes# These IIM Rankings As Top MBA Colleges in India (Click for Full List)
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta IIM Calcutta Ranking #2
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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore IIM Bangalore  Ranking #1
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow IIM Lucknow Ranking #5
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode IIM Kozikode Ranking #6
Indian Institute of Management Indore IIM Indore Ranking #4
Indian Institute of Management Shillong IIM Shillong Ranking #9
Indian Institute of Management Rohtak IIM Rohtak
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi IIM Ranchi
Indian Institute of Management Raipur IIM Raipur
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli IIM Tiruchirappalli
Indian Institute of Management Udaipur IIM Udaipur
Indian Institute of Management Kashipur IIM Kashipur


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  1. I also wanna to take admission in IIM

    Posted by Ravish | December 20, 2012, 11:16 am
  2. Dear sir ,
    i have 49.79 % in bachelor. I am from nepal. I want to get admission in MBA . Will be my admission in ur collage or not please say me sir?

    Posted by shidarth kumar thakur | May 16, 2014, 8:29 am

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