How to Get Admission in IIT

Last updated on 25-October-2014

Students think of getting to IIT to have a better career that can help then stand firm on practical ground. So, it is necessary to understand how admission in IIT basically goes like.

New format of entrance tests: The earlier JEE and AIEEE exams are not to be followed form 2013 for admissions in IIT. There will be a common test on a nation-wide basis for the entrance in the different IITs. The test will be sponsored by the Central Government and all the IITs and NITs will be involved in talking the tests. This Common Entrance Test will thereby become the permission paper for getting to an IIT. And since the calculations will be based on results of class 12 and that of the entrance test marks, as decided by the Government, the result in class 12 will be also important in getting the things right.

The process: According to the new format, test involved in the entrance exam will be an objective type test. The rule is also made different for those talking admission in medical colleges as mathematics has become the common subject that will be tested. The new format is based on entry level test which will watch for a calculative result based on total marks obtained in class 12 and that in the Common Entrance Test (CET). For the students going for IIT, there will be another advance level test. This particular test will have the best 20% students form all over the country who scored it big in their 10+2 results. Another big change seen in this format is that the Government has looked for percentile based marks. Earlier, it was by the JEE marks as a whole that the things were assessed. By the percentile based marks, the things will be more like CAT exams. The Centre has decided to go for an equal division of percentage calculation on the basic CET. Thereby it is important that the students are to score higher in their 10+2 level exams as the entrance test marks will be calculated giving 50% importance to that result; while things are changed for advance tests. The division here is made as 40% to class 12 results, 30% to CET and 30% to advance admission test. With these cleared, the admission is smother following a Personal Interview.

These are the new formats and the steps to get to IIT from 2013.

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